Request for Proposal – Topographic and ALTA Surveys

As additions to the previously conceived scope of work are now desired, Owen County is issuing this revised and 2nd request for proposals from interested firms to provide both Topographic and ALTA surveys to facilitate the location, design, and construction of a new (A) EMS Management and operations facility and (B) the eventual construction of an addition to the existing jail. This request document can be found on the Auditor’s page, follow the link to Forms. Proposals should be e-mailed or hand delivered, no later than 3:00 p.m., Friday March 16th, to:

The Owen County Board of Commissioners
C/O Donnie Minnick, President
Owen County Courthouse
60 S. Main Street
Commissioner’s Room – 2nd Floor
Spencer, IN 47460
Please e-mail to each of the following a copy of your proposal.