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 Owen County Security Center


The Owen County Security Center is located at 291 Vandalia ave. Spencer, IN 47460.


If you have a question about an Inmate’s bond, please contact us at 812-829-5757 press “0” to reach the jail.


You can put money on an inmate’s commissary by going to or using the kiosk in the lobby of the jail.


If you would like to send an inmate something though the mail, make the envelope out to the inmate. You do not need an inmate number to get mail to someone.

The Owen County Security Center is hiring! 

For a copy of an application please email Lt. Levi Miller at [email protected]


The Owen County Security Center offers “chirps,” a texting device inmates can sign up for, where inmates can send text messages to a loved one for a fee.  There is a $4 rental fee monthly, and each text incoming and out going is $0.10 each text up to 160 characters. These fees must be paid by friends and family, the inmate cannot put money on the account. You can put money on a loved ones chirp account by visiting

Phone Money

Inmates can make phone calls while housed in our facility. They can purchase phone time from our commissary or friends and family can place funds on a phone account by going to (877-998-5678) you can also place funds on an inmates phone account by using the blue kiosk located in the lobby of the jail.



Inmate visitation is now all handled electronically via the CPC kiosk placed in each block. You can create an account and visit from home with a smartphone or computer for a fee. You can also visit for free by coming to the jail and signing up prior to the visit.

You can sign up to visit by going to

If you are on probation, house arrest, or have a current criminal case you will not be approved to visit.


All bonds must be paid with exact cash. All other methods of payment will not be accepted. Bonds will be accepted 24/7 at the jail. If you wish to use a surety bondsman they must be registered with the Owen County Clerk. If your inmate is required to be placed onto GPS they can only be released Monday through Friday during normal business hours. This allows the probation department to place your inmate onto GPS. You can still pay the bond before they are placed onto GPS, but they will not be released.

Sex Offenders

If you are a registered sex offender and work, live, or go to school in Owen County you must register. All registrations must be made in person Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. There is a $50 annual registration fee. If you are reporting a new vehicle or other changes in your registry, please bring supporting documents ( like vehicle registrations).



Background Checks

If you would like to have a local background check complete by our office, come into the lobby of the facility and fill out the background check paperwork. You can then give this document to a Jail Officer and pick the completed document the following day after 7:00 Am




If your inmate takes medication please bring it to the Owen County Security Center. Medication must be approved by our medical staff before it is given to an inmate.

The Owen County Security Center is staffed with medical personnel to ensure safety of your friend or family member while they are incarcerated in our facility.


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