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Welcome to Owen County

  We want to welcome you to Owen County for the April 8th solar eclipse, and we hope you enjoy your visit. After the eclipse event, we also want to invite you back to visit us for a chance to see the beauty of Owen County.

Owen County is an actual Hidden gem among the rolling hills of south-central Indiana. We are located between Bloomington and Terre Haute, just south of I-70. Our county has a population of around 24,000 residents and our largest town has a population between 2500 and 3000 people.

 The hills of Owen County create opportunities for majestic views and beautiful scenery throughout our county. Our county has many opportunities for getting back to nature and we are home to multiple state recreation areas and parks. Owen County is home to McCormick’s Creek State Park the first Indiana State Park which was dedicated July 4th in 1916.   

A slow drive down our county roads will almost always produce beautiful scenery opportunities for photographers, whether it's an old barn against a natural backdrop of forest or an early morning wildlife sighting in a foggy Creekside valley.  

Please come back and visit us even after the eclipse. Points of interest listed on a separate page on this site will be enjoyable to visit during the eclipse or on a return visit.


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