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OCEMS History

During the 1970’s there was a national push to start EMS services. In 1976 Owen County started what is now Owen County Emergency Medical Services (OCEMS). Initially OCEMS moved to a couple different locations. We were housed in the Spencer Municipal building and the Owen County Fairgrounds for a short period of time until we found our first home in a filling station on the southwest corner of Morgan and Washington streets. OCEMS was initially a Basic Life Support (BLS) service, employing EMT’s, and had 2 Van-style ambulances.  Around 1988 when the new Jail was built, on the same property a new EMS station was erected and became our new home. In 2002 Owen County EMS increased the level of care we provided to our residents by introducing Paramedics to the service. By having Paramedics we could now provide much better care to our patients.  Because of increased run volume, larger ambulances and growing number of staff, we rapidly outgrew our facility. In 2015 talks started to investigate property, design, and build a new EMS station. In September of 2019 OCEMS moved into our current facility that for the first time could now house all of our ambulances and rescue equipment.  

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