Council Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE:  Owen County Council will hold a regular meeting on December 11, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Commissioners/Council meeting room located on the second floor of the Owen County Courthouse, 60 South Main Street, Spencer, IN  47460.  Hearings on additional appropriations for the amount more than the budget for the current year will be heard.

Amounts requested are as follows: General Fund 1000, Sheriff’s Department, $4,000.00; Building Fund 4908, Building Department workman’s comp, $1109.00; Fuel Reimbursement Fund 4913, Sheriff’s department, $20,000.00; Elected Official Training fund 1217, Treasurer Dept., $183.12; County User Fee Fund 2500, Prosecutor supplies, $1960.00; Firearms Fund 1156, Sheriff’s Dept., $643.88; General Fund 1000, EMA reimbursement phone, $264.34; General Fund 1000, Utilities, $22,000.00; General Fund 1000, Courthouse Contract Services, $900.00; Local Road & Street Fund 1169, Stone, $15,000.00; Motor Vehicle Highway Fund 1176, Training, $2660.00. 

Taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have the right to be heard.  The additional appropriations as finally made will be referred to the State Board of Tax Commission as to the sufficiency of the funds to support the appropriations made within fifteen days of the receipt of the certified copy of action taken.