Owen County Recorder Peggy Robertson

812-829-5013 (Office)
812-829-5014 (Fax)

60 S. Main St.
Courthouse 2nd Floor, Room 201
Spencer, IN  47460

 Welcome to the Owen County Recorder’s Office web page.
The County Recorder’s function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments. The Recorder’s Office is responsible for the preservation of a wide range of documents including deeds, mortgages, liens, leases, subdivision plats, surveys, land contracts, UCC filings, military discharges, and more. For a complete list click on the Document types page (IC 36-2-11-8).


The Owen County Recorder's office is now offering eRecording services. Details below.

As a part of an ongoing long term plan to make this office more available, user-friendly and accessible, we provide the following:
Property Fraud Alert:
Is a proactive service provided by Owen County that can protect your home from property and mortgage fraud. You will be alerted if your name is on any recorded documents. Register here for FREE! Click on the link or call 1- 800-728-3858 for more information.

Direct Search: Use Direct Search to search document index records at no charge through your web browser. Images are not included.                                              

Tapestry:   Searches and printing online 24 - 7. (see details below)
Laredo:      Subscription services available 24 -7 (see details below)
Veteran:     Records not publicly accessible.

Additional  ALERT : You may obtain a copy of your deed for only $1.00 per page.  There are some that want to provide copies of your deed for fees ranging from $50.00 to $119.00. The official-looking letters are NOT from a state or federal agency. If in doubt please call my office.

Recording Fees:
Not Exceeding 8 ½ x 14”      $16.00
Each Additional Page           $2.00
Not Exceeding 8 ½ x 14”      $14.00
Each Additional Page           $2.00
Miscellaneous / Affidavits:
Not Exceeding 8 ½ x 14”      $11.00
Each Additional Page           $2.00
Release / Partial Release / Assignment:
Not Exceeding 8 ½ x 14”      $12.00
Each Additional Page           $2.00
***Any Document Exceeding 8 ½ 14”:
First Page                         $20.00
Each Additional Page           $5.00
Mechanic’s Lien:
First Page w/ one 1st Class Mailing      $13.00
Each Additional Page                         $2.00
Each Additional Mailing                       $2.00
Horizontal Properties / Plats / Surveys:
First Oversized Page                          $20.00
Each Additional Oversized Page            $5.00
Additional Fees:  
Each Additional Cross Reference           $1.00
Per Page Not Exceeding 8 ½ x 14”        $1.00
Larger than 8 ½ x 14”                        $2.00
Certifying or Acknowledging a Document:
Per Document                                   $5.00
Non-Conforming Page:
Per Page                                          $1.00
Uniform Commercial Codes Fees:  
Original Filing, Amendment,
Continuation Termination
(2 Pages or Less)
Original Filing, Amendment,
Continuation Termination
(3 Pages or more)
UCC Search (1 Name)
Each Additional Name $5.00

(NON-CONFORMING NOTE: Regular documents must be no larger than 8 ½ x 14”, at least 10 point type, on white paper of at least 20lb. weight, no permanently bound or continuous forms, 2” clear margins at the top and bottom of the first and last page with ½ “ margins elsewhere.)


Tapestry allows you to search our records for a fee of $5.95 per search plus $1.00 per page for anything that you print.  You will need to use a charge card, and go to

If you prefer to have permanent ability to search records by subscription, you may open a Laredo account with us.  Following minutes and rates are available:
PER MINUTE PLANS        USER FEE*                    OVERAGE FEE **

a.  0-250 minutes               $50/month                       .20 per minute
b.  251 -1000 minutes         $100/month                     .15 per minute
c.  1001-3000 minutes        $200/month                     .12 per minute
d.  Unlimited minutes         $250/month

* Remote print copies are $1.00 per page
** Per minute charge for each minute over the signed plan.,

An account may be opened by calling 812-829-5013.  You may print anything you wish and your account will be charged $1.00 per page pursuant to statutes.  Bills are sent out monthly.

Our current database has images from 12/04/01 to present.  Deeds are indexed from 08/01/1969 to present, everything else is indexed from 4/7/92 to present.

eRecording Service

eRecording enables customers to file and record documents with the Owen  County Recorder's office. At the present time, we only record non-transferable documents.

Customers no longer need to submit records by express mail, courier or in person. With eRecording, customers simply scan the original document, convert to an electronic image, add indexing information and electronically submit it to the Recorder's office within minutes.

Contact any of these vendors to get your office started.

eRecording Partners

2121 N. Ocean Blvd. #901W
Boca Raton, FL 33431
800-460-5657 , ext 1048

CSC ERecording Solutions
2711 Centerville Rd
Wilmington, DE 19808

eReording Partners Network, LLC
400 Second Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55401